Cyber Monday deal not working?

I did the buy 2 get 2 cyber Monday deal.

I bought the new cla and gtr3.
I never received my email with the link to the free ones???

Anyone else have this problem?

How do I get my link for the free ones?


Because there would be such a huge demand placed on their services at the moment it’s possible that it all could just be delayed, waiting to make it through processing.

You could always try contacting them here, but I imagine there may be delays too…

Hi @coreski73 welcome to the Waves Forum :slight_smile:

This indeed might take a few hours due to the sale traffic, usually within 4 hours.
Please also check your spam/junk mailboxes.

If needed please contact our Orders team which will be able to assist.

That makes sense my only concern is I bought them Monday morning its been 4 days. I’ll try contacting orders and send them a message.

Thanks for the info

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Yeah that’s unusually long, I’d suggest contacting Sales and tell therm your story. I’ve only heard good stories, so they should be able to get you sorted. :wink:

Any updates on this? Been having the same issue – bought the new Abbey Road compressor and the SSL bundle and never got the follow up email to claim the 2 additional plugins. It’s been about 2 days now, I’ve sent an email to sales but haven’t heard back yet and I understand they are all probably quite backed up with stuff this time of year.

Just wondering if things got worked out for OP?

I sent an email to sales, orders and support.

Orders sent me an email back with a link to get the 2 free. It took about a week to get a response but not a big deal I’m sure they are overwhelmed.


I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what was happening.