WLM Loudness in Final cut pro 10.5

Hi. Running WLM Loudness plugin v12 in Final Cut Pro 10.5 on macOS Big Sur (non M1).

The plugin is in the list and can be activated. But when activated it almost freezes the computer. Also two WLM control windows pop up - only one of which is clickable. The plugin is not usable.

Tried reinstalling (including deleting leftover files) to no avail.

Any known solution?

When activated the plugin opens two windows. Its only supposed to be one. Only one is clickable/movable while the one in the corner can not be moved nor receives mouse-clicks.

@bhaagensen welcome to the Waves Forum :slight_smile:

Please note that Final Cut Pro X is not Officially Supported by our plug-ins on Big Sur.

We are in contact with Apple to find a solution for this, however, I don’t have an ETA at the moment.

Please contact our Tech Support team which might be able to offer a workaround for this.