Compatibility with Final Cut Pro

It would be great to have compatibility of the Waves Plugins with Final Cut Pro like there is for Davinci Resolve und Premiere Pro. With the actual version plugins like for example the C1 Compressor caused Final Cut Pro to freeze and sometimes not to open projects.

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Yeah I don’t quite understand it as Final Cut uses the AU spec as Logic does. If Waves AU is working in Logic then why not Final Cut??

Although I suspect this may have bit more to do with Apple than it does Waves.

I’ve also wondered about this. Some of them seem to mostly work, others not at all. I use the WLM Plus metering on outputs for broadcast, and there are a few oddities with the way parameter entry works, but the result still passes QC.

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I’d like to see Peak To Loundness (Crest) added to WLM. Perhaps not quite as important for broadcast, but it can be helpful in music.