Windows 11 driver problem

Hi, I am using Windows 11 with my DigiGrid D
My Desktop speakers is the same as my studio speaker
That is, I use studio speakers with Windows to browse YouTube
Suddenly the sound is interrupted and does not return until I restart the Digigrid D via unplug the power cable or re-install the device again via SoundGrid ST and sometimes I restart the computer again until the sound returns
Even sometimes the sound does not cut off, but the sound appears very loud, unclear and distorted, as if I had a problem with the device itself.
But when I restart the device, it works properly
The problem did not exist with Windows 10 and it was working fine
Is it possible to check the problem and provide an update that solves this problem

Hi @ehabmxd

Seems like this issue might require troubleshooting on a deeper level than can be provided in a forum thread.

Feel free to contact our Tech Support department. They will be more than happy to get you up and running with your system.

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