Will Waves ever fix Waves Central?

I’ve purchased dozens of Wave audio plugins for Windows 10 over the years and while I’m pleased with my purchases, I’m tired of Waves Central messing up. For example, for reasons I, and apparently Waves tech support don’t understand I have several versions of Abbey Road Studio 3 installed, this despite my running the Version Organizer and various repair and cleanup features in Waves Central. Multiple versions of Abbey Road Studio 3 obliges me to figure out workarounds for products that attempt to load the first version of Abbey Road Studio 3 they find.

I contacted Waves tech support, and while they were responsive, below is their suggested fix. Annoying thing is that I’ve gone through this process before, and now I’m tired of it. Dear Waves: please fix Waves Central, or give users the option to install your products without it. Thank you.

I recommend a complete uninstalling and reinstall of Waves in order to clean up any unused installtions:

Please back up the following folders:
C:-Program Files (x86)-Waves-Data-IR1Impulses
• C:-Program Files (x86)-Waves-Data-IR1Impulses V2
• C:-Program Files (x86)-Waves-Data-Acoustics.net Impulses (if exists)
• C:-Program Files (x86)-Waves-Data-Instrument Data

First, uninstall:

  1. Launch Waves Central.
  2. Go to the Settings page in the bottom left corner.
  3. Under Maintenance , look for Uninstall and click the drop-down menu.
  4. Checkmark all the available version entries and click uninstall .
  5. Press [Win key]+R , type %AppData% and hit Enter .
  6. In the Roaming folder that shows, drag the Waves Audio folder to your desktop.
  7. Press [Win key]+R , type %LocalAppData% and hit Enter . In the window that shows, delete the Waves Audio folder.
  8. Press [Win key]+R , type %ProgramData% and hit Enter . In the window that shows, delete the Waves Audio folder.
  9. Go to C:-Program Files-Waves Central - run the Uninstall Waves Central.exe file.
  10. Delete the Waves Central folder in C:-Program Files
  11. Delete any WaveShell files you find in the following locations (if exist):

o C:-Program Files-VSTPlugins
o C:-Program Files-Common Files-Avid-Audio-Plug-ins
o C:-Program Files-Common Files-VST3
o C:-Program Files (x86)-VSTPlugins
o C:-Program Files (x86)-Common Files-VST3
o C:-Program Files (x86)-Common Files-WPAPI

Once uninstalled, Install your plugins following the steps below:

  1. Download and install Central.
  2. Quit any host application.
  3. Launch Waves Central .
  4. Go to the Install Products page.
  5. In the My Products tab checkmark the product(s) you wish to install.
  6. Click Install in the summary column.
  7. Launch Reaper and re-scan it

Thats sounds like a bit of an oversight. You should try contacting Support and offering up this feedback there too.


At least, that’s what I’d do.

Thank you, simon.a.billington. A Waves tech support person is helping me with this. As much as I may whine about Waves Central, Waves tech support has been stellar.

In addition to that,

Has anyone else had trouble locating and opening the application, after closing it?

Are you talking about Central??