Why are there not more Waves Plugins that focus on Chorus/Flanger/Harmonizer,etc., time based effects?

As a studio engineer in my own studio, I would love to see more updated plugins for high quality time based effects such as chorus, flanger, harmonizer, and pitch shift, effects for instruments and vocals. It seems that most plugins offered by waves in this category are either vintage or analog variations of older technology, or, they are geared toward the hip hop creation scene. Examples are, in the vintage category, plugins like Reel ADT, and some of the other Abbey Road, tape effects plugins. In the newer more modern, hip hop category, there are extreme effects like OVOX, Kaleidoscope, Vocal Bender, etc.

I would love to take advantage of many of the sale offers on Waves Plugins I see, but I already have all of the EQ’s, compressors, reverbs, and echo type, plugins to suit my needs. Unfortunately, those type of plugins seem to be the bulk of Waves offerings. I would love to have some high end and high quality lush chorus type effects or pitch shifting effects, like those found in some major studio products made by Eventide, and many other companies like them. However, any other existing plugins from Waves that I have tried, that do some of these time based functions, just sound very cheap and antiquated, or were just created with less processing power that would be needed to stand up to higher end outboard gear of that type. Are there any plans to address this gap in offerings?