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Hi All. Would like to see plugins for: 1 - Brass: with individual instruments presets as well as groups (Sax, Trumpet, Trombones etc.), & 2 - Orchestras: individual instruments and groups, (violins, Cellos, Clarinet, other woodwinds, etc) similar to JJP’s Strings Only one currently available.
Also some presets for existing: Reverbs, EQ’s, Compressors, Effects, etc. for Brass & Orchestra’s

I own: Mercury, Abbey Road, & Classic’s and there are very few presets for any of the above instruments which are used on many studio recordings.

WiLLi & the MusicMachine

Hi. I’d love to see Waves do a choir and symphonic orchestral instrument(s).
And include a “word builder” for the choir, that lets the user create phrases phonetically or by language.
All the best.

Hey guys,
first of all thx for your amazing work.
I’m a superrack user and own a few plugins. I have a few requests to help me out in my all day praxis.
Here they are not politely listed:

  1. color coding for the channels, plus an editor for color presets by defined channel naming. (Like in sws extensions in reaper) Every time I type in “kick”, the channel becomes blue color coding and so on…
    It would be an enormous time saver.
  2. Chance to use plugin view f.e. on screens with lower resolution.
  3. Midi implementation for the use of Midas M32 assignable buttons seems to be not that easy for me as a non-midi-nerd. It would be nice, if there could be presets or smth similar could be downloaded and called up.
    a functionality of computer keyboard shortcuts for remote of Superrack could be manageable.
    the remote controls over OSC would be able. THAT’LL BE HUGE!

Thx for your answer in advance, @xel.

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I would love it if Waves would update the Waves NX app (Windows). Even on the default/flat profile, it sounds “murky” compared to the studio VST versions (Nashville and Abbey Road). Would love to see it improved to sound closer to one of these studios.

Obviously the advantage of running Waves NX vs a VST is we can hear any system audio (or DAW) through it, so having it sound great is definitely important. :slight_smile:

It would be really cool if Waves…

  1. Updated NX mix room plugins for Dolby Atmos and Sony 360RS format
  2. Had a standalone app version of the NX virtual mix room that functions like a multichannel audio bridge/virtual sound card, so that we can monitor apps that do not support VST (e.g. Dolby Atmos renderer)

LV1 Scene transition timing control would be amazing - at least for faders please!
Please put that somewhere in your future implementations

The ability to lock plugins to a computer. I have an LV1 so I take license back and forth all the time, but there are some plugins that I would prefer to stay with my studio computer at all times.

I have a few suggestions to improve Cosmos Sample Finder, because it’s hard to actually work with it as it is now. The auto-guessing of attributes and tags could be improved, but I don’t know how to do it, so here’s how I would improve the app so it’s more useful:

  • Add the ability to filter by file path. There are lots of errors in adding tags and settings attributes, loops classified as one shots, keys for one shots and so on. If I can filter by folder it’s so much easier than right click each sample to show it in Explorer, because lots of times I have them in folder that already say “loop”, “construction kit”, “drums” and so on.
  • Fix the order. When I order by name I have “Vox 1” before “ahum_reverb”, most probably because it’s using ASCII order instead of alphabetical one

hi it would be great if you had a randomizer in cosmos for loops i get the same results in order every time i search and i have over 4tb of samples the cosmos page is great for random one shots but loops seem to be in alphabetical all the time and searches soon get boring thanks for great software though :wink:

It would be great if FIT controller could mirror/access custom layers in LV1, and not only the standard layers when in “Stand Alone Mode”. It would make the use of Stand Alone mode so much more flexible and effective.

It would be great to have a drum trigger plugin, specially for LV1. Something like Slate Trigger 2.
One idea would be to have separate trigger plugins for Kick, Snare, Toms… just to make it even simpler to apply to individual channels.

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Make NX tracker to be working in HiByMusic android app.
Ask for collaboration to the HiByMusic app’s developers or make It on your own using the HiByMusic android app(just ask developers for permission in that case). If you finally start working on It, don’t change any aspect of the sound HiByMusic app sounds! That’s very important!!
It has to be a neutral change, only to be able to use the NX tracker through It. Nothing else.

Please make LV1 compatible with the Avid EUCON control protocol.

Then we could use all the great control surfaces from Avid as tacticle control…
and then all the MIDI limitations and lag should be gone…

Here’s a suggestion - If you’re going to do the subscription model, why not, at least offer rent to own with upgrades? You just lost my business. Good bye.

I spoke to 5 Waves users today all said they would remove all Waves plug ins from their DAW. All of us have paid for our plug ins and you guys just keep extorting money from us. Why should we subscribe when there are better plug ins out there. CLA and Waves can go drown in their own hubris.

In Waves Harmony I would love to be able to bounce or export the harmonies that are being auto generated into midi notes so that I can make some alterations.

Since you guys already have Clarity VX and Clarity VX DeReverb - the next natural and logical choice would be to develop a microphone PROXIMITY plugin that adjusts any vocal to the “desired nearness” with realistic proximity characteristics, shown in inches or centimeters.

And perhaps AI to help on the fixing frequency response inconsistencies due to head movement, esp when the performer goes off-mic.

Please add Automatic Gain Control to all of your mixing/mastering plugins and a default where just inserting the plugin does not increase the level of the track (aka cheating).

When a preset does alter the volume, perhaps because of analog emulation, it should be documented in the preset name, such as “Default: +1.5 dB”.

Rhythm Lead guitar style keys VST or something please!