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Hi All. Would like to see plugins for: 1 - Brass: with individual instruments presets as well as groups (Sax, Trumpet, Trombones etc.), & 2 - Orchestras: individual instruments and groups, (violins, Cellos, Clarinet, other woodwinds, etc) similar to JJP’s Strings Only one currently available.
Also some presets for existing: Reverbs, EQ’s, Compressors, Effects, etc. for Brass & Orchestra’s

I own: Mercury, Abbey Road, & Classic’s and there are very few presets for any of the above instruments which are used on many studio recordings.

WiLLi & the MusicMachine

Hi. I’d love to see Waves do a choir and symphonic orchestral instrument(s).
And include a “word builder” for the choir, that lets the user create phrases phonetically or by language.
All the best.

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