Where to put X-feedback plugin in chain

Hi everyone,

I have 2 vocal microphones running a vocal chain of NS1 noise reduction, and la2a comp, and waves x-feedback on each. I’m running these plugins through Gig Performer 3 vst host.

My questions are:

  1. Should I have the x feedback plugin on each individual vocal chain/track or run both vocal mic tracks into 1 instance of x-feedback before being output through interface to FOH?

  2. If just using the 1 instance of x-feedback before FOH should I run x-feedback setup two times, eg. once for each mic individually (solo’d), or, just run it once with both mics active?

  3. Should I disengage/bypass all other plugins (ns1/comp) when running the setup function on x-feedback?

  4. I was going to run an instance of x-feedback on the vocal monitors also, Does anyone know a good workflow for this? Do I x-feedback the monitors first before running x-feedback on FOH? and do I mute FOH when doing Monitors? or visa versa