Where is all the SG hardware?

I am blown away that everything is pre-order and keeps getting pushed out further. Even most music outlets dont have Waves SG products either…not to mention the doubling in price!!! It seems I could sell my SGS Extreme server and my IOX units for way more than I paid for them.

How can waves keep the product line alive if there isnt any product?

What is really going on?

Actually, I find that all things are very expensive now, and there has been no upgrade on them for a long time

this is a big problem

I would like to add IOC, but I found its price too high compared to the time I bought IOX. It seems that I will not buy at these prices and I can sell all my Waves products and invest in another company Like RME that is at the same prices and is available everywhere

I considered flipping to other gear makers too, but it is equally overpriced and still hard to find.

Frankly, Waves doubling the price on an existing product with no upgrade puts a bad taste in my mouth. Not paying it when it’s the same. But, there aren’t any to buy, so I guess it’s not a problem. :wink: