Where do I access the Producing, Mixing & Mastering with Platinum Plus

Can anyone help me? Ive just subscribed to the Platinum Subscription and I’m trying to access the ‘Producing, Mixing & Mastering with Platinum Plus’ video course that comes free can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Is this the link you are after??

If you click on one of these courses it does still ask you to pay, but I’m assuming you can ignore that as below that panel on the right side is a link that will take you straight into the course if you already own it…

Already purchased this course Enter the course >

Incidentally there is a new “premium” master class, if it is of interest to you…

Got it thanks, here is the link for anyone who needs it:

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Where did you even. find that link, I couldn’t see it anywhere. Well not immediately. I’m sure this might help a few out

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