Waves Certification Program

Hi there Waves Users and hopefully Waves!

I just recently saw the ability to purchase a “Waves Certification Program”. I clicked the link and it takes you to a list of schools who will be providing the ability to become certified. After about 2 inquires, I found a little bit of what seems to be variableness when it comes to pricing and also getting direct information regarding this. For the most part, I really feel like I learn best from the Masters. Which is something that you already have, and I know that you offer now Waves courseware.

That said, I was wondering if you might have an open chat or video chat sometimes concerning this, or be willing to talk to a user like myself who has idea’s about this and maybe a potential better offering for this? I’d be happy to be a part of such a discussion and share idea’s. I am also posting this because I’d really like to know what some other users are thinking concerning this?

Thanks! Keep making killer music!

I’d be interested in finding out if you are successful with your endeavours in being able to open a discussion with them on education.