What will happen when I upgrade my computer & I have a new operating system?

What happens when I upgrade my computer & I have a new operating system? Will you upgrade my perpetually licensed plugins to work on my new operating system, Waves? Or will I have to cross over to the subscription plan? My understanding is that I would have to subscribe at that point.

My bundles include Horizon, Studio Classics, Abbey Roads & the Manny bundle.
Plus many many many individual plugins. I spent over a grande here on ‘Perpetual’ Licenses.

I hope the answer is an honorable one.

They are bringing back Perpetual Licenses and the ability to purchase new releases without being tied to a Subscription, no need for Subscription unless you want to.

yes, but I’m asking what happens when we upgrade our operating systems to a new computer? Because that’s different. Perpetual on my currently registered operating system ONLY? Or would I have to crossover to a subscription once my operating system is upgraded?

Hi @EarthThingie

You will be able to update your perpetual licenses to the latest version to comply with the latest OS and DAW Waves support as before Waves Creative Access.

Thank you, that is excellent news indeed, thank you. I really hope it stays that way.

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