Waves WLM Plus for limiting, on music


I have Waves Mercury which include L1+ anniversary edition, L2, L3 series, etc… I really like the anniversary edition update of L1.

But I also have WLM Plus. WLM Plus is nice because it’s a limiter and meter all in one.

My question is… Is there any reason not to use WLM Plus as a limiter for music? I’m not squashing my music to extremes, by any means. It’s just a bit more convenient to use WLM Plus than L1, L2, or L3. My ears can’t hear a substantial difference when used at just moderate amounts of limiting – WLM Plus seems good to me.

Is there any technical reason I shouldn’t use WLM Plus as a limiter for music I release?

I’m trying to avoid “feel” based opinions. I know the UI in L1+ “feels” like it would be more appropriate for my needs — but forget that, I mean in reality - objectively.

Is there any REAL reason I should avoid WLM Plus in favor of L1 or L2? (I don’t want or need the multiband aspect of L3.)

Thanks for your advice.

I use the WLM quite often. It’s the “safety” limiter I use on the end of my chain. That way it doesnt matter what other limiter I put before it, WLM Plus will always catch those inter sample peaks.

I also use it when just rendering out roughs, in which case I tend to demand a bit more from it. In my opinion it is quite a capable limiter. It’s more transparent than the L1, but it will start imparting some kind of character the harder you hit it.

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