Is there a VST 2.4 version of WLM Plus Loudness Meter?


I use GoldWave for things I can’t get done any other way.

I’m wondering is there a VST 2.4 version of WLM Plus Loudness Meter? I found out that GoldWave supports v2.4 VST for plugins.

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Hi @greg.timmons.road

Please note that GoldWave is not officially supported with Waves plugins, for more information please refer to the Supported Hosts page.

With that said, Waves plugins are installed by default in multiple formats:
VST(v2.4) VST-3, AAX, AudioUnits…

we strongly suggest trying the 7 days fully functional demo to ensure it will work on your system before purchasing.

If you are using a Custom VST folder, I suggest following the instructions at How to Use Waves Plugins when Using a Custom VST Folder

I hope this info will help.

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I already own WLM Plus Loudness Meter and I’m using it in Cakewalk. I was hoping to use it to help me identify LUFS and LU for songs online by listening to the speakers. I was hoping that GoldWave could have been a work around, but I guess not.

I found where Cakewalk looks for plugins. Cakewalk finds both the VST 2 and VST 3 versions of WLM Plus Loudness Meter, but GoldWave can not see that plug-in when I tell it which folder to look in.

I guess my feature request for WLM Plus Loudness Meter as a stand alone software means much more now than ever.