LUFS (Momentary, Short Term, Integrated) in L1, L2, L3, L316, etc

Can we get a LUFS reading (including Momentary/Short-term/Integrated) in all Waves limiters?

Yes, I know about (and have) WLM/WLM+ and that’s great, but a simple LUFS reading in the others would help bring them up to a modern standard and eliminate the requirement for a second plugin.

Thanks for your consideration.

Can we have a little toggle button that, when activated, resets the LUFS integrated reading after a period of silence? Sonible True Level has that feature and it makes it easy to get a reading because it resets the LUFS reading after you hit stop & play again.

Also, a readout for “current” and “max” would be helpful for Momentary & Short-term… But don’t let these complexities shoot down the request! I’ll take what I can get, and if “simple” gets LUFS in all the Waves limiters then so be it!

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Heya Sam…

Yeah, I’m with you on this one. I realise they are classic plugins made a long time ago, in the era of the CD, but that’s all the more reason for them to be updated to cater for modern day user demands.

It used to be that you’d just make something as loud as possible to minimise noise and artefacts on CD. Now we have dynamic range. All 32-bit float id we wanted it!! It’s a different world now and it would be nice to see the classic be updated to deal with it before people start abandoning them in lieu of something more modern and shiny that caters to their demands.

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Classic plugins indeed, but they still have a sound I sometimes still prefer over others! =)

Waves L2 has a cult following, and I quite like the L1+ Anniversary Edition, which adds TruePeak support as well.

I should have mentioned L2 & the L3 series also need TruePeak support, that would be an obviously good update to add. (Those never got the ‘anniversary edition’ that L1 did!)

Yeah, classic isn’t a bad thing. The LA-2A and 1173 are considered classics and they can often produce more desirable results in certain contexts and you generally wouldn’t consider them a bad thing.

Waves have had plugins out for 30 years, so it’s natural that some of them would become just as iconic. The difference here is Waves are in the position to give their plugins more modern features, such as the metering, without massing with the sound. Something a lot harder to do on an old school analogue device.

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