Waves Tune in GarageBand--Intel compatibility?

I just purchased Waves Tune, to use as a plug-in Mac GarageBand. I checked out that the plug-in .component, etc., were in their proper places in Library/Audio yada-yada. On my own Intel Mac, however, when I select it in GarageBand, I simply get this greyed-out screen of Waves Tunes’ various parameters. So I did the “2nd subscription” thing on my newer (school) Mac—an Apple M2—and it works fine: the window comes up, with all the controls, etc. Also, I edited a GB file with the plug-in on this Mac, and then opened it on my OWN Mac—and the edits (and sound changes) are there: that greyed-out window even displays the change in values that I made regarding Note Transition, etc. But it just truly sucks that I can’t get that window on my Intel Mac. (The system requirements info led me to believe that it would work with said system.) TIA for any ideas/help.

Hi @tgannon2,

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I suppose you are running on an older MAC System, that does not support Metal (An API created by Apple that powers hardware-accelerated graphics on Apple platforms). Loading Waves in recent versions on such systems will result in a Blank GUI as you mention, this can be solved by installing an older Waves version, as long as it is supported with your current OS version.

To verify which versions of Waves are supported on your Intel computer or if it supports Metal, feel free to Contact Technical Support they will gladly assist and make the hall process easier.

Hey there,

Firstly, I feel your pain; software compatibility issues can be incredibly frustrating. It’s intriguing that Waves Tune works fine on the Apple M2 Mac, yet behaves differently on the Intel Mac, even though you’ve ensured that the plug-in component is correctly placed. A few things come to mind:
Version Mismatch: Sometimes, plug-ins have different builds optimized for Intel and Apple’s M-series chips. Double-check the version of Waves Tune you’ve installed to make sure it’s the one best suited for Intel Macs.
DAW Version: Ensure that your GarageBand version on the Intel Mac is up to date. An outdated DAW might not play nice with newer plugins.
Graphics Issue: Given that the plugin seems to process (since the edits made on the other computer reflect on the Intel Mac), it might be a display or graphics issue. Check if you have any pending graphics drivers or system updates.
Plugin Reset: Consider removing Waves Tune entirely (including any configuration files it might leave behind) and then reinstalling it. Sometimes a fresh install can resolve unexpected quirks.
Hope you manage to get it up and running on your Intel Mac soon. Keep us posted on any developments, and if you stumble upon a solution, please share; it might help others in a similar situation.

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Hi @tgannon2,

Any updates? did you manage to load the Waves Tunr Properly after consulting with support?

I haven’t consulted Support yet—getting ready for the fall semester has waylaid me! But I did check my Mac, and its a MacBookPro15,1 w/ an 8-Core Intel Core i9 processor. The graphic support (Intel UHD Graphics 630) includes “Metal 3,” so I’m just more confused. The purchased download I’m running is V14.19.23.478 of Waves Tune. I’d willingly back up to V13 or whatever, if I thought it would work.

Hey there,

It’s frustrating to encounter compatibility issues with software, especially when you’ve followed the installation steps correctly. It sounds like you’ve taken some thorough troubleshooting steps.

Given that the plugin works on your newer Apple M2 Mac but not on your Intel Mac, it could potentially be an issue related to the hardware or system setup on your Intel Mac.

Here are a few additional steps you might consider:

Update GarageBand and macOS: Make sure both GarageBand and macOS are up to date on your Intel Mac. Sometimes, compatibility issues can be resolved with software updates.

Check GarageBand Compatibility: Ensure that Waves Tune is compatible specifically with the version of GarageBand you are using on your Intel Mac.

Clear Plugin Cache: Sometimes, plugin cache can cause issues. Try clearing the plugin cache on your Intel Mac and then re-scanning for plugins in GarageBand.

Reinstall Plugin: Uninstall Waves Tune completely from your Intel Mac, then reinstall it following the installation instructions. Sometimes, a fresh installation can resolve unexpected issues.

Remember that technology can sometimes behave unpredictably, and it’s important to stay patient while troubleshooting. If you can’t resolve the issue on your own, reaching out to Waves’ support or seeking help from a technical friend might be beneficial.

Best of luck in getting Waves Tune to work properly on your Intel Mac,