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I bought waves real time and use it in cubase elements, I understand how it works, but I don’t get caught at legal and ilegal notes at the keybord. I select grup octaves and all I want to do is to discover how can I set the legal note / ilegal note for one group of octaves. Hope to understand me, it isn’t clear this subject for me at the moment. :slight_smile:

Want to record trap/drill/rap vocals.

You can select a “root note” and “scale type” by using the Scale options at the bottom of the plugin. The little pink symbols that appear above the notes show what notes “don’t” get played for the scale you select.

If you change the pink symbol above one note it changes for ALL the same notes in every octave. When you turn off the Group Octaves it means that changing a note in one octave doesn’t change it for every octave.

You would probably want to leave the Group Octaves on.

I understand that what makes grup octaves and how it change.
Between c2 and c3 in keyboard are 14 pink elements above. That elements: ×, <-, → .
Have no idea of any recipes to use this corect for trap vocals.

There’s no real recipe other than selecting the correct scale and then deciding if the correction “sounds better” when automatically correcting a note (-), correcting it upwards (→), correcting it downwards (←) or not correcting it at all.

It’s all based on the singer, the song and what sounds best t the time. It’s different for everyone so you have to experiment and compare to find works best for you.

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