Waves plugins only work with admin rights

(Windows 11 Pro)
Waves Central was only able to activate my licenses when I run it as admin (with the help of the support). Otherwise there is no target device for activation (also no USB stick). Waves Central does not see any disc or USB-Stick when run as a normal user. (Although as a main user I am a member of the administrators).
In programs like Steinberg Nuendo, the plugins are only available if I start everything as admin. Even if I start Waves Central normally as a user, the licenses are not activated (target device missing).
(Apparently Waves has no rights to recognize my hard drives.)
Now both PCs are affected by the phenomenon. Even a fresh installation of Windows does not change this problem. However, Steinberg Nuendo does not work properly with admin rights.

Is there any solution to this weird problem?

It’s unfortunate, but this is usually owed to the ever increasing security restrictions in our OS. Which, but the way wouldn’t be necessary if it weren’t for the hackers and people running pirated software. They’re really the ones to blame for the added frustrations.

There is the odd occasion where creating a new user admin account can help with Central recognising hardware. Antivirus software, firewall settings and VPNs have also been known to cause issues here.

Perhaps removing and reinstalling Central through a new Admin account might also help??