J37 Leaves 30s of silence after rendering [FL Studio 20]

Good evening, I’ve recently got the J37 Tape Saturation plugin, and every time i render the song, it has 30 seconds of silence at the end.

When checking the rendering settings, the length of the song is correct; however, after rendering the song, the duration is now 30s longer.

Within FL Studio itself, the song ends properly.

If i disable the plugin (but not remove it), the silence disappears, and the length is now the proper one.

This happens with both mono and stereo options, it also occurs with the plugin left with the default preset.

  • I’m currently running FL Sutdio 20.5.1.
  • This situation happens on .mp3, .wav, .ogg and, .flac formats.
  • It’s always exactly 30 seconds.
  • Yes I’ve counted.
  • This might be an issue with FL Studio but i’m not sure :thinking: .

Many thanks in advance!

Hi Raakuam,

  1. PC or Mac?
  2. Are you using the plug-ins as VST3, VST or AU (if you’re on Mac)?

Just when i thought that i included everything, i forget the most important thing. im running it on Windows 10, VST3.

Hi again…

This might be related to Tail settings; In FL Studio’s case, that’s named ‘Leave Remainder’ in the export -
See if you can disable it when exporting…

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Yes, FL Studio has 3 options for rendering the tail, switching from “Leave remainder” to “Cut remainder” did the trick, thanks!

For the Logic Users amongst us, the equivalent is “Include Audio Tail.”

So if you find Logic is leaving a long period of space after a Bounce, that will most likely be the issue, just as it is for FL Studio.

What happens is many of Waves plugins include an Analog option. Many users turn it off, but personally I think it sounds more organic with it on. That being the case, the DAWs have no way of telling the difference between a reverb/echo tail and a noise tail.

I generally leave it disabled but extend the song end marker so that it’s long enough to catch any tails. This usually avoids these type of issues.

It should work the same for FL Studio and other DAWs.