Is it possible to add transport buffer controls to plugins like HDelay

So I noticed that HDelay can result in a feedback loop that can’t be stopped in fl studio via fl studio’s transport controls.

Someone else posted about this recently

One of the comments there was "t has its own buffer that can not be cleared via host transport- it’s a very old plugin (from 2009) and it never had this feature.

This is something that Waves would need to add to their plugin. But few plugin developers add it, 3rd rarty reverbs usually also don’t stop the reverb tail on double stop…

Can this be fixed in V16? Or is there a reason it can’t be implemented?

The idea of feedback loops like this in delay plugins is so they could be potentially used for creative purposes. This used to be done with tape delays back in the day.

To avoid going into positive feedback just make sure you don’t increase the control past 100%.