Waves One Knob updates: TILT, Brighter/Darker & Reverb Issue

  1. Waves One Knob TILT - a simple Tilt EQ. Waves currently doesn’t offer a simple tilt EQ, and the One Knob series would be perfect for this! Suggestion: use 1000hz as a center point and roll off the effect on the extreme lows and extreme highs so that the tilt affects the fundamental frequencies without unnecessarily boosting/cutting on the extremes.

  2. Waves Brighter/Darker. Brighter is cool – but what if the knob started at a center point. Turn it left to go darker, and right to go brighter.

  3. One Knob Wetter - needs “WET ONLY” option so it can be used on an aux bus!!! Please add this, a simple little switch would be fine and it would make this tool far more useful.

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