One Knob Pumper

It would be really cool if the pumper could have wet dry balance AND a control to move from the sine wave to a rounded off square for more of a gated thing.

Thanks !!


This is a really good suggestion that would expand the usability of the One Knob Pumper, which is a great plugin to quickly add some variation to an instrument.

I know it’s meant to be a “single control plugin” but several other One Knob tools have a little bit of extra functionality and in every case it makes them more useful.

Your simple suggestions wouldn’t take away from the “one knob” purpose.

Waveform shapes would be great – maybe a simple button to cycle through Sine, Square, Triangle, and Sawtooth! A knob that morphs between those shapes could be great, but the more minimal we keep the suggestion the more likely they are to add it.

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