Waves nx Nashville

Hi guys.

I think I’ve made a blunder but could anyone confirm.

Just wondered if anybody can advise. I’m using Cubase 10.5 pro on an iMac and under high Sierra. Took the plunge today and purchased the Waves Nx Nashville plug-in. Installed under Waves Central and as such waves central tells me installed and active, however doesn’t show under my plugins menu. On researching I’m assuming not comparable with High Sierra. I’ve a student with a new Mac and wonder am I able to deactive and allow him to use the plugin.

Ironically Waves NX mix room shows fine.


Hi @garyhill13 ,

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Cubase 10.5 on iMac, running High Sierra, should be fine…
Please make sure your system meets the all the other System requirments.

If it does, it should work on your system, and I suggest following the instructions in the How to Find Your Plugins in Cubase article.

If you want to activate the Licenses on your students computer please refer to our Move Licenses article.

If you want to Transfer the ownership to your Student, please refer to the Transfer of Ownership page.

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Hi Urib.

Many thanks for the reply however I’m lead to believe that as Nx Ocean Nashville will only run on Waves central 12 and my system will only run upto waves central v11 this will not work.

It’s odd that Nx head plugin runs fine.