Waves NX buzzing


I’m having some issues with Waves NX. (Already contacted support).
Windows 10 Pro x64 1909, Xonar DGX.

A few days ago I tested a Sabrent USB audio adapter dongle.

Since then when Waves NX is used the sound is loudly distorted. This sound is what happened when Waves NX was turned off from the software itself.

When connecting the dongle and selecting it in the NX software, virtualization works and sounds fine.

I’ve uninstalled it a few times, used CC cleaner, searched and deleted all relevant files named waves/nx.

On a 2nd OS installed for testing/other purposes NX works fine.

Not sure how to fix this issue, any ideas?

Hi @email_cv_82 :slight_smile:

Please check if it’s possible to disable all enhancements under Speaker Properties>Enhencements.
Does it make any difference?

This tab is not there.

I unchecked allow applications to take exclusive control of this device. Same issue.

Should I uninstall Xonar drivers?

Updated other 2nd OS, the issue is not there. So I don’t think it has anything to to with windows updates.

Uninstalled and reinstalled Xonar drivers.

Plugged the dongle back in, disabled it, tried everything I could think of.

Another time had a similar issue where I installed a usb amp/dac and waves would keep going back to it. Solved the issue by deleting any files listed waves or nx but this time it did not work.

Reinstalled Chord Mojo USB drivers.
It works fine with Waves.

It’s only the Xonar that has the issue.

Also not getting any info on this page of the Waves properties, but don’t remember if there was anything there originally.

Made some progress.
Works when the Xonar is set to 2 or 8 speakers. On 4 or 6 it still has the same issue.

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