Waves NX buzzing loudly in Reaper

Hi Everyone, I’m using Waves NX with Reaper on a 4 channel track.

When adding the Waves NX to my track, I get a loud buzzing sound, and on the plugin interface, it shows up as these red circles (see attached image). What does this mean when the Waves NX plugin makes this noise and shows red??

I’ve contacted support but have not received an answer… I am not having issues with any other plugins, so this seems to be a problem with Nx…

Hi @rob and Welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

It seems like an interference on one of the channels which may be hardware or software related.
First try checking out the way your setup is wired and grounded.

In addition, I would recommend contacting the Tech Support department once again for further assistance in this case. I’m sure you will be answered and assisted shortly.

Good Luck!

Thanks for the reply Gurik… It’s all a software setup… sounds are from within the DAW. The track works fine when I turn off NX, so pretty sure it’s a bug.

I contacted Waves almost 2 weeks ago :frowning: No word yet.

Hi Rob,

Usually the tech support respond within 2 working days.
Please try contacting them again via this link.

In case you don’t get a response within 2 working days let me know what is your Waves username and I will do my best to check what is going on.