Waves Central crashes on startup

Hi, I downloaded and installed the latest Waves Central. It gives me this error message:

I tried to reinstall, reboot and manually delete the folder. Still not fixed.
Clicking on “Contact support” doesn’t give me any feedback.
And I don’t know where to find the log.
Windows 10.

Hi. Not sure about that one and it’s not covered in the FAQs. Here’s the support contact page:

Waves Support Contact

Hi @lele.inta.2,

Welcome to the Waves Forum.

The reported error, which pops out while installing, and or loading Waves Central, might be related to a Windows WMI repository issue, that being said in order to ensure that is indeed the case, please Contact Waves Support to verify that.

Do note that Tech Support assistance will very limited if the issue is indeed Windows-related.

Have a great day.

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