"Waves Central Can't Access Powershell"

whenever I try to open the “Waves Central” installer, I get e error showing “Waves Central Can’t Access Powershell”!
I have Powershell installed, Antivirus is disabled!
I meet every recommended requirements to run the Installer!
Waiting for a solution, Thanks

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Hi @lesspropious

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For such cases, we suggest contacting our Tech Support team to troubleshoot and advise according to your system.

I have the same predicament. Would also be glad for a solution.

Hi @tomsykes

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As Omry wrote above, for such cases, we suggest contacting our Tech Support team to troubleshoot and advise according to your system.

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This might be a problem with some kind of Windows C redistributable files, or something to that affect. If that’s the case than the solution is as simple has updating those files.

As others have said, contact support, they’d be able to point you in the right direction.

thanks for the awesome information.

Waves is looking for Powershell in the System32 folder in your C drive and the powershell executable has to be titled “powershell.exe”
the way i fixed it was by downloading the installer from microsoft and just copying over everything it puts into your program files over into " C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0 " after that all the waves ■■■■ opened up just fine


In my case, I had to change PowerShell execution policy to “RemoteSigned”.


  1. Run PowerShell as Administrator
  2. Type Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned, press Enter
  3. Open Waves Central. Should work now.

After it works, you can change back the execution policy of PowerShell back to “Restricted” if you want.

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This didn’t work for me sadly (options “Y” and “A” seemed appropriate asince default /CR is NO). Criminy, I dislike having to debug my OS everytime one of my plugins gets in a snit.

where can I find installer

I found a solution on Reddit…I have a modified powershell profile which seems to cause an issue. I changed the name of the .ps1 file so Waves could load. You can find your profile in “Documents\WindowsPowerShell”. Rename the file to .old and then Waves runs for me, then I need to rename it back. Waves - can you update so that people can use Powershell for other things as well as Waves??


What is Waves using powershell for anyways? Just curious.

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Yup, this was it for me!

i think thats going to be my issue tool i was loading active directory and sql modules, i commented them out and waves seems to be working now. its downloading the latest version. fingers crossed

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To anyone that’s still having this, you have to set your Powershell execution policy to remote. Not sure why it needs access to this but if you’re okay with the security opening here’s how you do it.

Run PowerShell as administrator

set-executionpolicy remote

A for yes to all