Vstfx plugins controller


I develop a hardware controller to control the vstfx. a touch screen allows you to automatically insert the plugin in the desired slot. the plugin then goes into edit mode and can be edited by the controller.
preset 1 will be dedicated to shape and gate. preset 1 will be dedicated to compressors and limiters.
the order of the presets does not determine the order of insertion. a plugin is inserted in less than 500ms. about 6 times faster than your mouse.
the current serigraphy will be reviewed and corrected to be universal. management is thought of as a console strip. the touch screen can also choose for certain plugin the send return mode. the effect track is then created automatically. I will post here tomorrow the list of parameters for each type of shape / gate / compressor plugin. if your plugin has an additional parameter within the limit of accessible functions it will be implemented. the preset should be automatically recalled. if you insert a compressor
the compressor edit preset will be automatically loaded. the preset selection buttons are only used in the event of parameter re-editing in the future. Unfortunately, no cubase function allows you to inform the hardware controller of the type of plugin edited to date. only reversing it is possible. I await your remarks and suggestion. for info the controller will work in midi cc midi nrpn note off / on … I wanted to add 6 motorized faders zvec an arduino but I do not know this type of card and have not found an electronics engineer capable of doing this for me … if an electronics engineer wishes to participate. the controller will have 8 infinite potentiometer. and 8 fully configurable switch. if we add the 6 faders this will make 14 +8 … it’s up to you


Hello…Supposedly, Nectar is utilizing Mackie Control convention, correct? On genuine Mackie Control gadget, there is Plug-in button. By squeezing this, you switch the gadget so you can control modules boundaries by means of V-controls (rotational handles). On the off chance that this catch is accessible on your Nectar gadget, you can do it along these lines.

this is important information. indeed nektar claims to have implemented the mapping of a lot of vstfx. But I’m wondering about the C4 from waves? we have 8 buttons. but c4 with 24 parameters. are there several pages to drive c4 completely? another important point: is it a compatibility via quick control or generic peripherals?

i wanted to attach a link to the nektar mapping but being new to the forum i can’t do that. sorry.

Nektar does not seem to use the mackie control standard. they go much further. I found a very long demonstration video of nektar integration in cubase.

not being able to put a link I put a space between each letter. cut the link and remove the blanks

https ://youtu.be/s S J p Z X W 7 o l g


reload vst track preset with plugins

Hi guys. I continued my macros with Bome Midi Translator. you can load wave plugins but also preset trck with the already preset effects.

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