Voice-Over Bundle

I’m guessing I wouldn’t be the only one interested in a plug-in bundle designed specifically for VO producers. Here are the general categories of voice processors I use in my productions:

  1. variety of compressors and audio levelers: a good mix of vintage and modern sounds
  2. variety of hard limiters; a good mix of vintage and modern sounds
  3. variety of vocal reverb options
  4. variety E.Q options
  5. a few delays and doublers
  6. de-breath and de-click (transient suppression) tools

Beyond that I would like to see some mic and pre-amp modelling, and for the tools to feature a selection of pre-sets designed specifically for various genres of VO work: audiobook, commercial, narrations, imaging, etc. All tools would be designed specifically for voice, and preferably for spoken-word. The closest thing I can find so far is the “Broadcast Production” bundle, but it’s easy to see the difference between that and what I have listed above. Thanks for taking the time to read.

Hi @dyc,

Thanks for the suggestion! I will pass this on :slight_smile: