Version 9 plug ins on M1 MacBook Air

Looking like a lost cause here but bought a MacBook M1 Air, not to replace my 11 year old MBP but to add to it. I need to keep the old one to use with Firewire Digital mixer. Everything working fine on old set up including lots of Waves plug-ins.
It appears that only a few, version 10 ones, can be updated at a cost of $240 (US I’m assuming)
I then find I can but these for $29 each or some such thing.
Really? Is this the best I can do? If so I’ll just take my money elsewhere and keep what I have on my old MBP.
Or am I missing something?

At the start of the M1 a lot of applications including the plugins ran with intel code in Rosetta2. Maybe try this route (if still possible) ?

Hi @Stevejazman,

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V9 is not supported or qualified to run with M1 computers. You can update your licenses by renewing the Waves Update plan and obtain the latest version available.

If you require any assistance setting everything up or if you have any supported licenses that do not work for some reason feel free to Contact Technical Support directly for quick assistance.

You’ll need Version 13 at least, I believe.

The alternative to paying WUP is waiting for a decent sale and upgrade to a bigger bundle that includes most or all of your plugins.