BB Tubes Issues and Feature Requests

In my opinion (not allowed to post a video: youtube dot com/watch?v=JE1UBfMOmmw) takes a fair and objective look at BB tubes.

Two main points that I take away:

  • No auto gain reduction for when saturation settings result in louder output

  • Oversampling beyond x2 is broken and Waves is aware of this

I love the idea of driving even harmonics into odd harmonics and I think that if the above two issues were addressed this could be a staple plugin in people’s workflows. It’s an intuitive idea and the lack of gain compensation falls into the trope of “louder is better” when I don’t think that was the goal of the plugin in the first place.


My problem with anything that does auto gain compensation is they never get it entirely right, and I always find myself having to disengage it and make the compensations myself.

That said, it can be good for quick initial settings and then there are others that might be less pedantic that I am about level matching who might find it more beneficial.

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