Unable to send email to Tech Support

I am baffled. There is no submit or send button on this page, in any browser:


How then is one supposed to send email?

[Obviously one needs to be logged in to access this pages.]

I have the same issue - tried using both Firefox and Chrome. I emailed support@waves.com and got an undeliverable.

What does one do? Curious problem. How then to contact Waves?

I think I fixed it - using Chrome I logged in, then followed the support links instead of pasting the URL. An additional form came up to create a “setup” (your computer info) and then the send button came up.

@jd21234 I tried Chrome to no avail. I launched a chat session and they just told me to reload the page. I thought that was ridiculous - but it then worked. A dialog is presented asking you to create a named ‘setup’ - details of your OS and DAW. Then the submit button appears. But thank you @jd21234 for setting me off in the right direction.

Curious, and I would say a defect in their web coding, but I hope this topic many help people in the future.