Transparent crossovers in studio rack

Is it possible for the multiband crossover in studio rack to be transparent? As it is it changes the sound drastically depending depending where the crossover is set.

Given that StudioRack was designed for live use I’d say it would be doubtful as transparent crossovers add latency. It would be nice to have the choice, though.

What I tend to do with crossovers is park them in a spot that sounds musically pleasing. Quite often th sound source can use with a bit of subtractive eq in spots and that’s where I would put them. Around 160-180Hz as one example, 350Hz and 2.5kHz are some more examples. Just move it around until you find the sweet spot.

Adversely, you can just use the Parallel Splitter and use the Linear Phase EQ to setup your own crossovers. Just make sure the cutoffs are set to the same frequency and the same “slope” :thinking: