Studiorack Multiband Split Issue LOW END GONE

So ive noticed that when i put a muliband split, set crossover frequencies and put a few plugins on a band i lose a noticeable amount of low end. Even when i bypass all the plugins in the multiband split i notice it occurs. Its mind boggling. I really dont get why im losing low end with the multiband even when the plugins are bypassed.

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Hi @devvonterrell and welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

The behavior you are describing could be caused by a variety of factors and needs to be further investigated on a technical level.

Make sure to contact our Technical Support Team for assistance. They will be happy to assist you figuring this out.

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What are the plugins on the low end??

Could it be possible that they are losing volume because of the level the signal is going in and out of the plugins?! Or maybe there is a plugin introducing some phase cancellation??