Console 1 integration with Waves plugins

My biggest wish from Waves is for them to integrate their plugins to Console 1.
That would mean the world to me, and I guess many others as well.
I hope this is doable and can be fitted into an already busy schedule.
All the best,


To be honest, I want Waves to come up with their own Console One style controller. Possibly with optional SoundGrid DSP.


Hi Guys.

Thanks for the suggestions… we are listening :star_struck::grin:


Hi, Simon. Have you tried a Console 1 in Studio One, SONAR/CbB or REAPER? The integration is phenomenal, so why reinvent the wheel?
And with built in DSP, the price would be considerably higher. As Waves already have DSP servers, and Console 1’s integration with UAD (DSP) in addition to Softube’s own plugins, I don’t see the need when computers are as powerful as they are these days. (but that’s just me :sunglasses: )
All the best.

I’m not actually willing to spend several thousand dollars replacing the plugins I already have just so I can use Console One. I won’t be abandoning Logic either. I spent $1800 on it originally and no other DAW offers some of its unique features I rely heavily upon.

It’s not reinventing any wheel, it’s providing a competing product that the rest of us can use with an opportunity to do it better and at a more affordable price. What I don’t believe is controller manufacturers STILL haven’t designed an alternative. Man it’s pretty obvious that there would be a lot of demand. I’ve spoken to many other people who share the same desires. It’s even so obvious to me that I dreamed up a very similar concept long before Console One reached the market. I am just not a wealthy entrepreneur.

I’ll take or leave the DSP, but there are certainly better applications of it at better prices to make it a much more enticing idea over yet another computer upgrade. It doesn’t have to be an old, irrelevant idea any more, if done properly it could be made relevant again,


I’d then rather hope for Logic to incorporate Console 1 integration, but that’s me.
Logic is a great DAW, which I use at a friends studio quite a bit.
Perhaps we can get the best of both worlds for both of us in the future.
All the best.

No that won’t happen. Apple has it’s iDevices for that.

So YES competition is definitely needed here.

That’s a real shame, Simon.
It’s a fantastic piece of kit, especially with the integration in some DAW’s. IMO iDevices can’t compete with tactile feeling, so Apple haven’t gotten this covered.
I can see why you want something compatible that works with Logic.
Best of luck.

I still have Waves integration with Console 1 as my by far biggest feature request for my studio, be it from Waves, Studio1, CbB or any vendor in the software industry.
Just so it isn’t forgotten :sunglasses:

TO WAVES …Thank you for your awesome plugins. Is there a way for you to create a software that allows users to map midi cc controls to your plugins like control mate for mac? This way we users could control the plugins with out relying on daw manufactures to integrate it. We are so tired of holding this clicking that and scrolling through five menus to control something and the surface makers are just not getting it. The Mackie C4 was a wonder but no one supported it. It would be great if the plugin manufactures created a way for their plugins to be layed out and controlled so we can stop mousing around and mix with a hands on work flow. Thanks for giving this some thought and then making it happen.

Man you’re not far off with the five menus if you happen to be using IR-1’s !! Haha!!

That’s a plugin that does need a serious UI overhaul to get rid of that tangle of menus. It’s a great reverb though. It will be nice to see an upgrade with more spaces too.

You’re right that controller manufacturers aren’t getting it. They’re still focused on making everything based on the large format adaption without questioning is that the most streamlined approach for writer, producers, creatives and smaller studios.

Andrew Scheps was right in saying that you only really adjust one control at a time anyway, sometimes two if you’re doing a stereo pair. The only exception is when you’re bringing up a few faders at once, when you think about that, the “channel strip” approach makes a lot of sense. Especially since it can also fit on most desks.

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