The future direction for DAW and plugin subscription models

Blackmagic also had a subscription plan. It included cloud storage and a fee of 5,000 won per project library. In other words, it was designed for collaboration. I believe that DAW and plugin subscriptions should follow this direction because it’s clear that these are areas where subscription fees are necessary, right?

It’s about cloud storage that allows you to share projects and multitracks. You can access and load them directly from your DAW. But what about plugins? Well, this is also a part that requires a subscription. When you share a project on the cloud, the engineer may have the plugins, but the client may not. However, with cloud-based projects, clients should be able to listen to the mix or check the mastering with the plugins applied, even if they don’t have those plugins themselves.

This is where plugin subscriptions come into play. If an engineer has a cloud subscription, when the shared cloud project is loaded by the client, the plugins included in the engineer’s cloud subscription should also work. This way, you can experience the project’s full sound. This is the future of cloud collaboration, and it represents the future of subscription models through the cloud.

Waves, listen up! Don’t offer subscription models that frustrate users.

It’s still early for the Waves Subscription models, it may just move that way soon enough.

I certainly think that playing back projects without the ability to edit the plugins could be a good way around this. Well, unless you have the proper licenses that is.