SuperRack signal routing

Is it possible to route signals internally in Superrack Performer? I’m trying to use the output of one rack as the input to another rack. Specifically, I have a rack set up with Waves Tune. I want to use the output of that rack as the input to another rack that has my vocal fx. Then I would output from each rack separately so I have the tuned dry vocals independent from the fx.

  • Dave

Hi @dth122,

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It is possible, you can try the following :

  • Create two racks sharing the same input, with WTRT inserted with the same settings.
  • Rack 1 has only WTRT
  • Rack 2 WTRT with the rest of the plugins.
  • If you are using latency groups, make sure both racks are in the same latency group

If you need any assistance setting it up or further information, do not hesitate to Contact Technical Support.

Yes - thanks for the idea. I thought of that option as well. The only problem is that I’m running two instances of WTRT, which is inefficient… especially in Superrack Performer. If there was a way to route the audio it would be preferable to preserve processing power.

  • Dave

I understand your point, since this will require going more in-depth and further information on your behalf I suggest taking this with Technical Support, they can also remote into your system if you wish to facilitate the process, or can provide the information over email if that’s more convenient for you.