Superrack Ventura Rosetta M1 Bug

I recently came across a very annoying Bug in Superrack after upgrading to Ventura.
Superrack Page changes are Super Slow in Ventura on a M1 MacBook Pro

However on a M2 Mac Mini there is not such a problem at all.
This made me spend a whole day trying to figure out what’s going on

Since Superrack still isn’t native to M1/2 PCs and relies on Rosetta and I didn’t have this problem on Monterey, I did some testing.

I downgraded my MacBook to Monterey and installed Rosetta and Boom Supperrack is working as it should. (see YouTube code. I cannot post links as a new user)


I did a complete fresh install of Ventura installed Rosetta and Superrack is again lagging like crazy on Page changes


Last thing is I recorded Superrack on a Mac Mini M2 which belongs to one of my customers and as you can see Superrack is working like it should


So any advice? It’s a super annoying thing since the M2 Mac is a customer owned Mac which is solely used for their own shows.

The MacBook M1 is my company provided one and actually I’m afraid to use it live at the moment because who knows what else happens in the background.
On the other hand I would like to stay on Ventura and not downgrade to Monterey again.
Maybe somebody knows a solution to this weird thing here.

Thanks in advance


Hi @Jaessr666,

Welcome to the Waves Forum.

It sounds like you might have already isolated the issue if SPRK runs fine on another computer/CPU Type and both were using the same SG setup.

I strongly suggest taking this over with Tech Support so they can provide further info after inspecting your system and the reported behavior.

Just a heads up. This issue has kinda been resolved with the latest Ventura Beta 13.4.2.
It’s not 100% like it should be but it’s definitely faster than before. So it’s a Apple related issue in combination with how Superrack is programmed. I guess it’s the Metal Graphic Engine and a poorly programmed ressource utilisation on the Superrack Side which makes Rosetta go stupid on M1.

When can we expect a Arm Native Version of Superrack? This Processor is 3 years out already and still no Native Support regarding Superrack.