Snapshot recall in Superrack

Hi! Is possible to change the input and/or the output patch from one snapshot to another in superrack native?

Hi @bernatoliveras

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Note that it is not possible to change the inputs/outputs levels using snapshots.

The only option of changing racks inputs/outputs fast is by flipping the A/B inputs and outputs options.
Having those patched to different sources.

This is not recommended to do while audio is passing through the racks as it could introduce audio dropouts.

You can add a User Key for FlipAB Input and/or FlipAB Output using the SETUP > SETTINGS window, to be able to change all inputs/outputs from A to B in one click.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer.
I needed to have different racks prepared for different moments of the show using a small soundcard with only 4 ins and 4 outs. I see that’s not possible… I normally use the superack with DiGiCo, and it’s great, but with the soundcard Live Professor is a much more flexible option. It would be nice to have similar options in superrack (for example routing different racks to the same output). Thanks for your attention!

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