SuperRack - prevention of overwrite of the rack input I/O source

Is it possible to prevent the overwrite of the rack input I/O source and rack output I/O when loading a session?

The background of my question is that i move similar sessions from one system to another. I have two systems that I switch back and forth between. One system for live setup (mobile hardware) and one system at my live pre-production studio (a copy of the mobile hardware). I use on both systems different devices but from the same type. When I came from my live pre-production studio with a Superrack template or session to the live system I have to reset the Rack I/O settings.

Is there a way to prevent me from reset this rack I/O settings when I move a session between my two systems, so that I use the current I/O settings of the current system?

Did anyone have any hint or experience regarding this topic?

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