AU, AAX Native, AAX DSP support for Super Rack Performer

The addition of VST3 to performer has been tremendous! I use SR Performer on all of my shows now. I’d love if waves could expand upon that and add support for AAX Native & AAX DSP plugins. I’d love to be able to use my copy of Soothe Live directly in Super Rack Performer. Currently the only way for me to do this is by running an insert thru ProTools.

Additionally adding support for Apple Audio Unit plugins would allow me to use some of my favorite Logic Pro plugins directly in super rack as well.

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I agree. I’ve personally been championing AU compatibility myself.

It would help me to avoid plugin bloat by having to install both AU and VST plugins on my system Specially when the VST versions have been exclusively installed so I can run my plugins inside StudioRack.

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