SuperRack Copy/Paste plug-in SETTINGS

We need a copy/past plug-in SETTINGS feature at the host level, not just the built in plugins level copy paste. It’s FAR too easy to assume that copying and pasting the SAME plug-in from one rack to another will have no affect on snapshots you are not currently working on. Prime example of me making this exact assumption when doing something hundreds if not thousands of us do all the time, snapshots for keys for Waves Tune Real Time: youtube . com / JamesArthurHurley and it’s the most recent video.

I agree; this would be helpful.

In my workplace we have Avid S6L consoles and a LV1 for broadcast. This was a confusing element of LV1 at the start. On the S6L’s plug-in system, copying plug-in racks applies the settings of the plug-in to the current snapshot only. This makes for quick adjustments (specifically, for auto tune) on a bunch of channels.

Current LV1 workflow: Open plug-in, adjust, copy settings in the plug-in, open next plug-in, paste, repeat. Lots of clicking, must be done in the plug-in window and for every snapshot or done before creating any snapshots.

My desired workflow: Set/adjust one channel’s parameters, drag and drop the rack [would be plug-in in LV1’s usecase] over the other channels, save snapshot, done. This way it could be done from the mixer window, and very quickly.

Thank you for considering!