SuperRack Performer / Auto Close 3rd party plugin

I’ve been absolutely loving 3rd party support on Performer the only clunky part of the workflow has to do with the behavior of opening a 3rd party plugin compared to opening a waves plugin. Much like opening a plugin on a daw, a third-party plugin in Performer will open as a pop-out window. While this isn’t a big deal, the issue arises when i’ve got a mix of plugins on hot keys and when I open another plugin the previous 3rd party plugin pop-up doesn’t auto close so i’m constantly having to close windows. I know other daws like Pro-Tools have options that allow the plugin pop-up windows auto switch / auto close / limit to one pop-up plugin at a time. Curious if this is in a hidden menu somewhere or if the Waves devs could add this as a feature.


This would be very much appreciated since right now its basically impossible to operate vst plugins with a touch screen. Closing the old windows with a tiny button each time i want to select another plugin ist way to time consuming.

Pls just make it possible to auto-close the previous plugin oder give the user an option to set the maximum of open plugins by themselves.

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