StudioRack for LV1

It’s plain and simple: StudioRack for LV1 would make it possible to sort of program our own plugins (built with already existing plugins off course) not to mention program certain non-excisting features of out favorite plugins.
For one thing I am really missing a link on the in and out of the CLA-76 plugin that I use all the time. That would be possible with StudioRack.


Oh, so your saying that StudioRack isn’t available to use on the LV1?!? :thinking:

Hi @Peterjk @simon.a.billington :slight_smile:

I would like to emphasize that it is possible to save presets from StudioRack and load them in LV1, although the Parallel Splitter or MultiBand Splitter would be automatically disabled.
Also, MACRO control of StudioRack will not be available in LV1.

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To have the band split&parallel path functionality of studiorack directly on LV1 channels would be ACE.
Also, macros with the option to map to a MIDI-controller, WOW. Gimme NOW


Good information thanks for sharing

Bump this. It would be killer to have StudioRack in LV1. I was surprised to find it’s not already compatible.


Is it still not working?