Studio Verse AI Hopes

As I was just chatting with sales - considering jumping to the full subscription plan . . . I hope that develop studio verse to the point that its AI can make intelligent decisions about the quality of the sound that it detects and then make mixing preset suggestions based on that. In other words, right now I’m aware that the AI can say “Hey that is a kick drum so let me make these kick drum preset suggestions.” But of course what would actually be useful is if the AI could say … “Hey, that’s a kick drum and it sounds … thin. Low frequencies are missing. So I will make THESE specific suggestions.” As it is right now, StudioVerse AI can’t really tell me anything I don’t already know - of course it’s a kick track. I can hear that for myself. Imagine if it could compare that kick track to the kick in 1000’s of other tracks that it had been trained on, across genres. It could ask you - “what style of music are you going for here” and then it could suggest ways to enhance your particular kick track - based on its particular tonality with presets so that it matched the particular style of music you are creating. THAT would truly be revolutionary. Hopefully , you are working on that.

Quality is a relative thing. So this would be a bit difficult. How will the AI know that the user actually wanted the kick to sound like it was recorded at Motown during the 60s.

Then again, if the user told it that 60s Motown is what they were going for, the AI should be intelligent enough to recommend the best presets. Assuming it had presets for that kind of thing.

The trouble, though, now becomes analysing an endless sea of music and styles extending all the way back to the beginning of recorded music. That is a mighty epic task to be undertaking.

But I do like your idea in general.