Spam from Waves

Is anyone else getting a spam email about an old subscription from every 2 minutes like me?
Since 2am PST?
Waves seems unable to do anything about it.

Hi @jonrat,

Welcome to the Waves Forum.

You can edit your email preferences from Waves. com > My Account > email preferences> Update your Newsletter preferences and decide which emails you wish to receive.

Yeah that does not help when you all sent me over 600 emails in the space of 24 hours.

My inbox received an email every two minutes and nothing was stopping it.

And although it has stopped now, nobody has acknowledged the problem, nor Mea Culpa’d for it.

Perhaps @Gilad would like to respond?

"Sometimes we as a company make mistakes, sometimes our staff makes mistakes.
If you feel you’ve been hurt in any way or if you have any suggestions for improvement, we would like to hear about it. We are committed to fair treatment of our customers and devote serious attention to every comment.

Please give us the opportunity to correct our mistakes and learn from them.

Gilad Keren

Waves CEO"

I just spoke to a friend of mine who also got 600+ emails in the space of 24 hours from no-rely (at) waves dot com

So I am sure LOTS of people got these, and yet nothing from Waves to even apologize?

Hi @jonrat,

I suggest Contacting Technical Support directly who might be able to verify the cause of this, this is in case you can provide them with information and show the number of emails received within such a short time as you mentioned.