Soundshifter phasing

Hey guys,

I have pitched my snare -4 with Soundshifter Pitch. It sounds great, however every few beats the it sounds like the snare is phasing (or the stereo field gets super widened all of the sudden). I’ve tried all the different modes but can’t seem to figure it out. Anyone that does?

Here is an audio example: shorturl . at/ewNZ6 (paste in browser without spaces, can’t add links)
Pay attention to the snare at 0:15 mark. It sounds way different than the rest. When I mute soundshifter it sounds good consistently.


Hi @dennis,

I just checked the SoundShifter Pitch with Ableton Live 10.1, on a snare and it sounds amazing and there were no phase or strange stereo changes.

Is this a simple mono snare recording or a stereo room channel of some sort?
What DAW are you running with?

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Hi @OmryWaves thank you for your response.

I run the latest FL studio on my Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6. I have to note that I have been experiencing this on other (Windows) PC’s as well. So I don’t think it’s OS related, however it might be DAW related. I could reproduce it in Logic…I’ll post an update about Logic later on.

It’s a mono snare on a stereo mixer track because I’ve purposely widened the stereo field of the snare. However, it should sound consistent. I’ve tried muting all the other VST’s, but the inconsistency only occurs when Soundshifter is active.

Hi @dennis,

I would doublecheck the plug-in was loaded as a stereo VST3, which is what we Officially Support with FL Studio.

You can follow the steps in this link to rescan VST3 in FL Studios if needed.

That said, if the issue is still there and it is not related to the source itself as well as the DAW or OS, then feel free to contact our Tech Support team, to troubleshoot and investigate this.


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Oddly, I was just using it today and it seemed pretty stable in Logic. However, if you drag it to another channel while the engine is running it may not compensate for the latency immediately. This can create some kind of phasing effect.

I suggest that its possibly the latency that might be I producing the phasing effect.

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Thank you OmryWaves. I’ve double checked and yes, it was loaded as a stereo VST3 plugin.

@simon.a.billington I’ve always thought it was a Plugin Delay Compensation issue but it’s weird that when I export the final track it still has the phasing active. Also, this issue also occurs with just a single channel with Soundshifter loaded.

I’ve tried it, but seems like Logic has no problems with Soundshifter. It might be FL studio related then…

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Hi @dennis,

Thank you for all updates.

To pinpoint the behavior and investigate, I suggest contacting our TechSupport Team with the audio files and all troubleshooting steps that were done so far, so they could advise.

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Will do. Thanks a lot everyone!

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