Abbey Road Vinyl dry/wet mix phasing

Hey guys,

I absolutely love the Abbey Road Vinyl plugin. I use it on most of my tracks. However, sometimes I want the VST to be less present. If I turn down the WET knob in FL studio, it creates a phasing effect. Is there a way to avoid this? Thanks!

Hi @dennis

Please elaborate - when saying that you want the VST to be less present - does it mean that you are using the plugin in its VST version and not VST3?

Note that Waves plugins are supported in VST3 component only when running in FL Studio.
Running an unsupported component may result in an unexpected behavior.

You can refer to this article and follow its steps to make sure the correct component is in use.

Hi @Gurik

Less present: 50% dry / 50% wet signal. Just like parallel compression.

Yes, I use the VST3 version.

Hi @dennis

Please contact Waves Tech Support team. They will be able to investigate this behavior in depth and inform you whether the phasing effect you’ve mentioned is there by design or not.