SoundGrid Rack for Venue / third party VST

Long time Waves user and recent Avid S6L user. I absolutely love the implementation of Waves plugins on the Avid console. The automation workflows and tactile control are unparalleled to any other platform.

Given the recent update to Super Rack Performer and the addition of the new LiveBox, it would be incredible if waves could extend its third party plugin support to the Avid Ecosystem.

At the moment SoundGrid Rack for Venue is a highly proprietary and integrated shell that lets users insert waves plugin chains onto Avid Plugin Inserts. Perhaps there could be a “LiveBox Rack” shell that could extend control of the Live box within the S6L gui in a similar way.

Currently Fourier Audio has a solution that provides tight integration with DiGiCo consoles where remote control of their VST box is done via a remote web interface on the console.

Regardless of “how” this could be implemented, being able to control third-party plugins within the Avid/Waves ecosystem would be game changing. not to mention, this could ease licensing negotiations with Avid’s AAX plugin type. I would imagine that Avid would prefer their plugin type be used to maximize compatibility with their encoder knobs and existing plugin ecosystems.

PS: Maybe a deal could be made to extend AAX into Super Rack Performer then, too?

Anywho, I digress…