Soundgrid minimize to tray

Hey there,
i am using a Digigrid D Interface as my desktop device. I have a dual boot system, one for audio, one for multimedia (spotify, internet, gaming…). i dont have an ethernet enviroment.
i recognized, that the soundgrid studio application is using a lot of resources (RAM, CPU) when running in the back.
on my multimedia system i dont usw any daw apllications, but my laptop is allways running at 100% with the soundgrid studio app in the background, although i choose the balanced or power saver energy option in windows. i found the qrec app, but it is not able to minimze it in the system tray.

So my feature request would be, that both the qrec and the soundgrid Studio application could be started directly in the system tray, without minimizing in the tray icon or in the Taskbar by hand.

i hope you get what i mean :slight_smile:

best regards